A springlike day on Capitol Hill. (Erik Cox Photography via Flickr)

Warm air surged in today, sending temperatures to near and above 60. If that’s not enough warmth, just wait until tomorrow. And Wednesday. Yeah, there is that snow threat to watch for Wednesday night and into Thursday, but for the most part, it’s feeling like spring.

Through Tonight: Skies remain largely clear heading into the evening. Clouds do tend to increase as we get deeper into the night, though. It’s a dry one, as lows range across the 40s. Winds are from the south and southwest around 5 to 10 mph.

View the current conditions at The Washington Post.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Warm air keeps on rushing in on a southwest wind. Even without lots of sunshine — it should be partly to mostly cloudy — temperatures should make the mid- to upper 60s. Nearing or passing 70 isn’t out of the question, either! Those winds are around 10 mph with higher gusts.

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NWS high temperature forecast for Tuesday. Places at most risk for record highs are circled. (Weatherbell.com)

Record high watch: High temperatures tomorrow (and Wednesday) should topple some record highs in the region. In D.C., the record high Tuesday is 64 (set last in 2008). That’s a low-hanging fruit for a record high, the coolest of the month and winter. Over at Dulles, we’re shooting for 65 (2009) and at Baltimore the mark is 64 (1904).  Note: the first version of this blurb incorrectly noted today’s high temperature records at Dulles and Baltimore. 

On Wednesday, records are in the mid- and upper 60s, which certainly seems possible from here.

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