Call it snow hole central. In the Mid-Atlantic region and even beyond, the Washington-Baltimore region occupies its own special island of snowless-ness.

Washington’s snowfall so far this winter? 1.4 inches (normal winter to date is 11.6 inches).

Baltimore’s snowfall? An even more pathetic 0.7 inches (normal winter to date is 14.6 inches).

If you like snow, the fact that everywhere surrounding Washington and Baltimore has received more makes its absence even more dispiriting.

Philadelphia has 8.0 inches (normal winter to date is: 15.o inches).

Richmond has 7.1 inches (normal winter to date is 8.1 inches).

Norfolk has 5.3 inches (normal winter to date is 4.8 inches).

Roanoke has 4.5 inches (normal winter to date is 11.9 inches).

Granted, with the exception of Norfolk, these amounts are all still below normal. But at least they are more than you can sweep away with a broom. And the totals in these cities aren’t in danger of ranking near the lowest in recorded history.

If no more snow falls this winter, it will rank as the third least snowy on record in Washington and tie for the least snowy on record in Baltimore.

Time is running out to dig ourselves out of one of the worst winters in memory to be a snow lover in Washington and Baltimore.