The golden hour at Georgetown’s Washington Harbour on Feb. 15, 2017. (chasingmailboxes via Flickr)

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of zero to 10.

8/10: Calmer winds and fairly comfortable… near 50 to mid-50s by late afternoon. Not a bad end to the work week!


Today: Mostly sunny, calmer. Highs: Near 50 to mid-50s.
Tonight: Partly cloudy. Lows: Upper 20s to mid-30s.
Tomorrow: Mainly sunny until late. Highs: Mid-60s to near 70.
Sunday: Turning mainly sunny. Highs: Mid-60s.


Hope you’re ready for some spring-like weather. We have a steady warm-up underway, from 50s of today to 60s becoming most likely this weekend. Seventy degrees can’t be ruled out either! Then it looks like a brief nudge cooler, but still warmer than we should be, early next week.

Today (Friday): Winds calm to around 5 mph, luckily, as they blow in from the southwesterly direction. Periodic clouds can’t be ruled out, but sunshine should dominate the sky for most of the day. Many of us will enjoy temperatures getting into a fairly comfortable regime for this time of year. We’re talking near 50 to mid-50s. Enjoy! Confidence: High

Tonight: Looks fairly calm and partly cloudy. A stray snow flurry nearer dawn can’t be ruled out, but it is unlikely in most spots. Low temperatures should hover in the mid-30s downtown. A few upper 20s are possible well outside of the Beltway. Confidence: Medium-high

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Tomorrow (Saturday): This one should be sunny through perhaps midday — before late afternoon clouds start trying to roll in. Southwestly winds of 5-10 mph do their typical thing and warm us up quite effectively. High temperatures in the mid-60s to near 70 appear possible! Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Clouds continue to increase into overcast conditions. Late evening and predawn hours may see a sprinkle or quick rain shower (30 percent chance). A weak storm passes by well to our south. Low temperatures stay mild — thanks to west-southwesterly breezes around 5 mph — in the mid-40s to low 50s. Confidence: Medium


Sunday: Early-morning clouds should burn off quickly and reveal a day dominated by sunshine. Other than a northwesterly breeze of 10-15 mph, it’s hard to find fault with the day. Unless you’re a winter weather lover. High temperatures rise again, fairly easily, into the mid-60s or so. We’ll tweak these temperatures if cool northwesterly breezes bring in chilly air sooner than expected. Confidence: Medium

Sunday night: Skies should stay mostly clear, with chilly predawn low temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. Confidence: Medium

A slow but steady cooling trend starts Presidents’ Day on Monday, continuing into Tuesday. Ahead of what should be a mainly to fully dry cold front, we have a bit of warmth remaining, with high temperatures still getting to around or a bit above 60 on Monday. We expect cooler and slightly cloudier conditions Tuesday, with high temperatures in the 50s likely. Confidence: Low-medium