At 1:30 p.m., National Airport touched 80 degrees, which is the record for March 1. It’s the third-earliest 80-degree high on record for the capital, and it’s more than a month ahead of average.

Then severe thunderstorms rolled through and the temperature dropped 10 degrees in 30 minutes. Dulles and BWI hit at least 75 degrees before thunderstorms arrived, which fall short of the records for those locations.

March 1 high temperature records

DCA — 80 degrees (1976, 2017)
IAD — 77 degrees (1972)
BWI — 80 degrees (1972)

Now that storms have moved east temperatures could rebound, but they probably won’t reach 80 degrees again today.

D.C. has only hit the 80-degree mark earlier than March 1 on two other occasions: 84 degrees on Feb. 25, 1930 (whoa), and 82 degrees on Feb. 28, 1948. (That crazy-warm 1930 record came in the days before National Airport existed, and temperatures were measured downtown on M Street.) It also hit 80 degrees on March 1, 1976.