As an Amtrak train arrives at a station, it blasts passengers waiting on the platform with snow from a winter storm in March. (Jukin Media)

You know that feeling when you’re waiting for the train after a blizzard and it arrives full-speed at the platform and blasts you and your 20 fellow passengers with a couple hundred pounds of snow?


Well… maybe this video will help.

It happened at the Rhinecliff, N.Y., Amtrak station, north of New York City on the Hudson River, on Wednesday. Rhinecliff got about 2 feet of snow from this week’s blizzard and I’m guessing there was quite a bit more on the tracks due to drifting.

It looks like these passengers knew they were going to get a face-full of snow — they all had their phones up and recording — but I’m not convinced they realized how much or how powerful that face-full would be.

Witnesses said the force knocked people to the ground, NBC New York reported. Amtrak said the train was moving at its normal speed in order to clear the snow off the tracks (they literally use the trains as plows), but then people were left wondering why passengers were allowed to be on the platform at all, let alone so close to the edge.

Edit: There may have been one minor head injury, according to WUSA.