More substantial snowmelt happened today as temperatures rose to the upper 40s and lower 50s. It’s still a slow process, though. The slow melt is thanks to the density of the snow (it’s waterlogged!) and the fact that dew points — a measure of moisture in the air — remain rather low. High dew points are more effective at “eating snow” than dry air. Most or all of the snow should be gone as we get through the weekend, however. It’s not exactly warm, but it is more seasonal than recent days.

Through tonight: Clouds continue to rapidly increase through the remainder of the afternoon as a little storm system works this way from the west. A few showers could come through during the commute, as well. The most consistent shower activity should hold off until after dark, and we could see that continue through late night. Nothing major, but we can still use the rain. Lows range from the mid-30s to near 40.

View the current conditions at The Washington Post.

Tomorrow (Saturday): The overnight showers are largely out of here, but we’ll stay mostly cloudy and could and see a few more sprinkles roll by during the day. Any raindrops are fairly hit-or-miss and brief. High temperatures are near 50 in the cooler spots and in the mid-50s downtown. A system forming offshore to the northeast Saturday night could send in a few rain or snow showers. This shouldn’t be a big deal given light or spotty precipitation and temperatures mainly above freezing.

Sunday: Coming off lows around freezing in the cold spots to the upper 30s in the city, we see a chillier and breezier day. Skies are partly cloudy — probably turning clearer than not by afternoon. High temperatures reach the mid-40s to near 50. Winds are out of the north around 10 to 15 mph, with higher gusts.

A calm finale to a wintry workweek. (chasingmailboxes via Flickr)

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Pollen update: All allergens are low as of the latest count.

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