Things are bad in Peru. El-Nino-like warming is taking place right off the coast of South America, and it’s pouring down rain. Places that usually see only 4 inches of rain by this time of year have seen 40, and it’s all rolling out of the mountains into the lowlands, flooding creeks and rivers along the way.

Reports suggest the death toll continues to climb. As of the weekend, 72 people had died according to the Associated Press.

It’s probably because of scenes like this one, where fast-moving water rushes across a road. By the looks of it, the road seems to be intact, though the berm has washed away, and the water is “only” six inches deep. But that doesn’t matter — it’s moving with such intensity that it tosses a four-door sedan and its driver into a boulder.

The windshield shatters and we see that the driver looks unharmed and is able to climb out onto the boulder that likely saved his life. Had it not been there, his car would be gone (with him inside).