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D.C.-area forecast: Hello, spring? We may generally stay warm(ish) for the foreseeable future.

(This post, originally published at 5 a.m., was updated at 9 a.m. to increase chance for morning rain.)

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

7/10: Comfortable and only need to dodge a possible quick shower. Okay to ignore some clouds and wind on a Friday?


Today: Morning rain showers. Late-day sun? Highs: Upper 50s to mid-60s.
Tonight: Partly cloudy. Slackening breeze. Lows: Upper 40s to low 50s.
Tomorrow: More clouds than sun. Tad breezy. Highs: Low-to-mid 70s.
Sunday: Uncertain. Cloudy with late showers? Highs: 60-70.

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We’re putting the cold of winter behind us. Instead, we can look forward to mild temperatures and even some true warmth on some days. It’s not necessarily a perfect springtime setup, though. Amid warmer readings we could have frequent breezes, showers, and clouds to contend with, at least at times. But that’s all part of spring’s arrival, too, right?

Today (Friday): Clouds may totally cover the sky at times, especially during the morning and into midday. Our warm front needs to pass through to usher in some spring. A period of rain showers is likely, especially during the morning. We are looking at radar before 9 a.m. and see some precipitation marching toward the Beltway –although it probably will lighten as it marches eastward. Into the afternoon, as sun amounts go up, so do the temperatures and probably the wind. I’m talking south wind near 20 mph later in the day. Temperatures should max out in the upper 50s well north to mid-60s near D.C. and south or east. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: Skies remain a little bit cloudy but at least southwesterly breezes taper off in the evening. They diminish from 10 mph to 5 mph after midnight. And even after our (later and later) sun sets, we really don’t dip far in the temperature department. Perhaps by just before dawn, we’ll bottom out in the upper 40s to lower 50s. Confidence: Medium-high

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Tomorrow (Saturday): It could be a bit cloudy once again, especially into the afternoon hours. Still, most of us likely enjoy the warmth of low-to-mid 70s as well. South-southwesterly winds try to stay polite but noticeable, around 10 mph. Really, try to go see those blossomsConfidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Winds shift toward an easterly direction and stay light but perhaps also rather steady, around 5 mph. Clouds likely dominate, so it’s not a good night for stargazing. Chances of sprinkles or a quick shower go up nearer dawn, but it’s only around 10 percent chance. Temperatures dip slowly, ultimately dipping to around 50 degrees outside of the Beltway, and perhaps mid-50s downtown. Confidence: Medium


Sunday: This one is a challenge. The best idea currently is that clouds dominate and temperatures are able to make it into the 60s to perhaps near 70. But there is still a small chance colder air sneaks in from the northeast. We may eke by, as long as east-southeast breezes (around 10 mph) don’t switch toward the northeast. In the scenario where winds blow in off the ocean, we could be stuck in the upper 50s to around 60. Stay tuned. Either way, consider a chance of showers later in the day. Confidence: Low-medium

Sunday night: Clouds hang tough and showers may indeed linger through much of the night. Nothing too heavy is expected. Too bad, since we could use more rain. Temperatures hover fairly steadily in the low-to-mid 50s. Confidence: Medium

Some clouds and rain are possible Monday and into Tuesday but it looks comfortable. Temperatures in the upper 60s look probable both days, with up to mid-70s in reach if we see partial sunshine. Monday’s showers could be mainly in the morning, and Tuesday’s rain could be mainly in the afternoon. Maybe a rumble of thunder, too? Confidence: Low-medium