Hawaii's Kilauea volcano sent massive ripples of lava outward across its crater on April 13. (Epic Lava Tours)

This video is great, and not just for the lava. In fact, it kind of buries the lead — a bright, vivid rainbow over molten-hot lava that’s actively creating new Earth. Pretty neat!

The volcano is Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s always active, gushing out lava along the rift zones and turning the sky over the cauldron an eerie orange-red. You can hike across the lava field — black and crusty where lava from previous eruptions has cooled — and wind up at the shoreline where it drips off into the Pacific Ocean.

A popular way to see this is with a tour with guides who are familiar with exactly where the lava is bubbling. The tour that caught this video got their money’s worth when the rainbow appeared.