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D.C.-area forecast: Damp and dreary this weekend, with more of the same early week

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

4/10: Cool air is kind of nice after the recent warmth. Clouds and some rain, not so nice.


Today: Occasional showers turning to a steadier rain. Highs: 53 to 60.
Tonight: Periodic rain. Lows: 42 to 50.
Tomorrow: Periodic rain. Highs: Mid-50s to near 60.

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When it comes to transition seasons, spring is certainly more temperamental than fall around here. One of the biggest downsides about this time of year can be the extended cloudy periods. It seems we’re embarking on one of those. With clouds comes at least occasional rain.

Today (Saturday): Showers are possible throughout. It does seem that rainfall should become more common and widespread as we get through the afternoon and toward the evening. That suggest a pretty good chance the March for Science is dealing with at least some wet weather. We still need this rain, so we’ll take it whenever we can get it. There’s a reasonable chance the day does not feature a lot of accumulated rainfall. With nearly full cloudiness and some rain, temperatures won’t get too high, with highs ranging across the 50s to near 60. Winds are around 10 mph out of the north. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: At least periodic rainfall continues through the night. It’s possible the most consistent stuff targets the evening period and then tapers to occasional showers and sprinkles into the night. It’s also possible light rain persists for a good chunk of it. The heaviest rain should tend to stay to our south. The northern edge is always tricky. Less tricky is temperatures. They’ll fall into the 40s — as cool as the low 40s well north and west —  and be around 50 in the District and farther south or east. Winds are light out of the north and northeast. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Sunday): There’s some divergence in forecast ideas with time here, and it’s increasingly apparent by Sunday. One camp has rain mostly staying to our south; the other has us in the northern part of the expansive rain shield to the south. For now, I’d slightly favor a wetter scenario than a drier one, but I would not strongly bet my logic is correct. Living on the edge is a rough place to be. With mostly or fully cloudy skies and a northeast wind around 5 to 10 mph, I’m fairly confident it will be cool, with highs perhaps again stuck in the 50s many spots. We’ll root for 60 or so! Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: There’s a big, lumbering low-pressure system to our south, and it’s going to come north eventually, so the odds of rain converge again into the overnight. At least periodic showers are possible, and it could be occasionally widespread, if mainly light. Lows are in the mid-40s to around 50. Confidence: Medium


Monday morning is bad enough on its own, but entering day three of this dreary pattern might make it extra difficult. We’re still stuck with a coastal low sitting to our southeast and trying to figure out where it wants to go. It’s hard to get sustained rainfall in these setups, but a wave or a few during the day wouldn’t be a surprise. High temperatures are again in a mid-50s to near 60. Confidence: Medium

These stuck lows tend to have trouble sustaining their structure with time. By Tuesday the pattern may begin to try to break down. But the current air mass is not going to go down without a fight. Skies are probably cloudier than not. Some passing showers are still possible as well. Highs rise to near 60. Confidence: Medium