Even with the recent spate of raw, overcast weather, the District is having its warmest April on record. With another round of summery weather forecast Thursday to Sunday, it is virtually a lock the month will end in the warmest position.

Washington’s April temperatures have more closely resembled what’s normal in Memphis.

Through Sunday, D.C.’s average April temperature was 62.4 degrees, 6.7 degrees warmer than normal. 1981 was the next warmest year in the rankings this deep into the month, with an average temperature of 61.6 degrees.

With high temperatures only in the 50s to near 60 on Monday and Tuesday, the average temperature will step back. But, by Wednesday, conditions return close to normal.

What should seal the deal to make April the warmest month in recorded history is the stretch of very warm weather predicted Thursday through Sunday. Each day should hit at least 80 degrees, and we could even flirt with 90 over the weekend.

The wild card is the position of a backdoor cold front that could bring briefly cooler conditions to the region Saturday. But Monday’s models have backed away from that idea and hold the front to our north.

This weekend’s weather may feel more like the middle of July. In other words, the month may end in a blaze of fire.

Plugging in the latest model forecast data, April’s average temperature would end up between 63 and 64 degrees, more than a degree above 1981’s 62 degrees, the warmest April — for the moment.

Should this April become the warmest on record in Washington, it will be the second record-setting month in the past three. February (2017) was also warmest on record.

Significantly, it will mark the seventh record-warm month in Washington since 2010.

Washington weather records date back to 1872.