After this morning’s weather madness, much of the rest of the day was comparatively peaceful. High temperatures rose to mid-to-upper 70s, which is a bit above normal for the date. Plus that icky humidity. We’re keeping an eye out for an isolated storm risk the rest of the day, but most spots probably miss out.

Through tonight: There’s still a chance for isolated storms into the evening. That risk wanes with time as we get toward sunset. Any storm that forms could be strong to isolated severe. Otherwise, it’s clouds mixed with some clearing. We’ll probably continue to see more clouds than clear skies through the night, though. Lows should end up in a 53- to 58-degree range in most spots. Winds will diminish to around 5 mph.

View the current weather conditions at The Washington Post.

Tomorrow (Saturday): Clouds remain numerous through the day. This is the kind of air mass where any sun tends to promote more cloud development, thanks to cold air aloft. There could be a few more showers, as well, particularly during the morning and into the early afternoon. Nothing too heavy. Highs should range from about 62 to 68. Winds are out of the northwest around 10 to 15 mph.

Sunday: No major changes to the pattern show up by Sunday. Instead of being right under the upper low, it has shifted at least temporarily to our northeast. That may mean more in the way of sun, though a few midday or afternoon showers can’t be ruled out. Highs head for the mid-60s or so.

Looking for fish. (Shamila Chaudhary via Flickr)

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Pollen update: Today’s pollen count was washed out by rain.

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