7:35 p.m. update: The storms that moved through northern parts of the area are moving away, but places near the bay will continue experiencing the worst of before it exits entirely. There’s not much else out there at this point other than some lighter rain to the south. That’s all mainly south of us and moving away as well. There is still the chance for a pop-up thunderstorm through the next few hours, although the risk should be diminished from earlier. More showers, and possibly another rumble, may move by late night as well.

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It was the third day of 90s in the region, and it’s likely many are ready for a break. I know I am! That break is coming in the way of a cold front and a cooler weekend. In between, we’ll be watching a shower and storm risk into the evening.

Through tonight: Scattered showers and storms continue to dot the area into the evening. Any could be locally strong to borderline severe. There’s not a whole lot of support for big storms, so the damage risk isn’t huge. A cold front that passes through tonight will bring a wind shift and that means cooler air begins to trickle in. The air dries out as well, but the winds ultimately turn to come off the ocean, so it’s not a super-dry air mass. Lows mainly dip to the low-and-mid 60s. More showers could spread in from the west between midnight and dawn, but these shouldn’t contain thunder.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): A few raindrops may linger past sunrise, but they should be winding down. Winds out of the northeast and off the ocean take over. This is rarely the most beautiful type of weather, but it’ll certainly feel good after the past few days. Plan on lots of clouds and perhaps (if we are lucky) some lengthier breaks of sun. High temperatures may have a big range from northeast to southwest — about mid-60s in the former to mid-70s in the latter. A few showers are possible again late in the day, but they should mainly stay south and west of us.

Sunday: It’s more of the same for Sunday, although it now appears we’ll be more deeply entrenched in the marine air. That means temperatures could get stuck in the 60s everywhere, and skies will be rather gray once again. Showers are possible, especially late in the day as a front approaches.

A summery looking morning in Reston. (Kit Case via Flickr)

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Pollen update: Tree and grass pollen is high. Mold spores are moderate and weed pollen is low.

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Earlier storm updates

7:15 p.m. update: These storms have stayed relatively well mannered, remaining north of the Beltway. Like everything else today, this activity is mainly pulsing up and down, so any severe storm threat is quick and isolated. But there have been a lot of small hail reports and a couple around one inch in diameter. A hail core between Laurel and Odenton, Md. can be seen below. This is the only storm still warned, as the others to the west have diminished.

Hail core nearing Odenton, Md. this evening.

6:50 p.m. update: There’s a wind shift boundary to the north of the city, and once the storms went up on it, they’ve been able to sustain in this juicy air mass. As such, additional warnings now include some of our north and northeast suburbs. Any of these storms are capable of isolated damaging wind and hail to around the size of quarters. At this point, it does not seem they are causing much in the way of either, but as they grow and collapse it is possible in spots.

Radar snapshot at 6:50 p.m. showing multiple severe warned storms over the northern part of the area.

6:35 p.m. update: The storm that was warned over northwestern suburbs is tracking eastward, so additional parts of the area are now under warning. This continues to focus on areas north and northwest of the Beltway.

6:23 p.m. update: A few storms have been pulsing up and down across the area. One just got warned for some of our northwest suburbs. The main risk here is isolated damaging wind and hail around quarter size. There have been a number of reports of hail with this storm already.