A tiny rainbow over the Tidal Basin as the thunderstorm departs to the east. (Kevin Ambrose)

Thunderstorms usually move faster than Washington area traffic. That was the case Wednesday when I went on my first D.C. thunderstorm chase of the spring. The storms not only passed me en route, they had already departed when I arrived on the Mall. They were moving rapidly eastward through Prince George’s County. Darn D.C. traffic!

You know you’re late for the storm chase when soccer and softball games have already resumed on the  Mall and the Segways are zipping down the sidewalks, splashing through the puddles.

I was treated to a late-breaking rainbow over the Tidal Basin, however, just to make the storm chase somewhat worthwhile. And, of course, D.C. is always beautiful to photograph in any type of weather.

Here are a few photos from Wednesday to show the conditions after the storm, and a few reader-submitted photos are included, too. Next time, I’ll try to capture the lightning bolts.

A soccer game on the Mall after the storm. (Kevin Ambrose)

A close-up of the Jefferson Memorial after the storms departed. (Kevin Ambrose)

Dark clouds associated with a thunderstorm move east of the Capitol. (Kevin Ambrose)

Soccer on the Mall. (Kevin Ambrose)