If I’m imagining an end-of-the-world montage, a la the “Day After Tomorrow,” this storm would definitely make the cut.

I had to watch the video three times before I was convinced it wasn’t faked or altered because it’s Just. So. Perfect. (People can do crazy things with editing software these days and I refuse to be labeled gullible.)

It’s a supercell thunderstorm, which means it has a rotating updraft. It’s impossible to tell whether this is the end stage of a previously larger tornado or if this was the storm’s main show. This storm could have had a big tornado on the ground for a while and this is just the “rope” stage as the twister dissipates.

In any case, the funnel cloud is bright white and sunlit and well-defined. Since these guys are standing right under it, you can see the base of the storm spinning around the funnel. La Opcion called it “the tail of the devil,” which I’ve never heard before but I think is appropriate.

La Opcion said the storm occurred Tuesday in Chihuahua. Here’s what it looked like as the tornado dissipated.