While it wasn’t an excessively hot month, a serious dryness problem developed in June. Just 1.13 inches of rain fell all month, compared to the normal 3.78 inches. It ended up as the driest June since 1988 and, overall, third-driest on record.

Temperatures were variable, but the month closed 2.1 degrees above normal, ranking 11th-hottest on record and fourth-hottest of the 2000s. Very warm nights played the greatest role in elevating the month’s average temperature, as high temperatures never exceeded the mid-90s.

June extremes

On our hottest days, the mercury surged to 95 degrees June 12 and 13, while it only reached 69 degrees on our coolest day, June 7, less than a week before. Precipitation extremes were absent, as the most rain to fall in a single day was just 0.53 inches June 19.


Just a few daily records happened this past month. The record low at Baltimore on June 28 was the first to occur in June since 2005.


  • June 12: Record-high maximum of 95 ties 2002, 1986, 1942, 1932, 1914 and 1880.
  • June 13: Record-high minimum of 75 ties 2015.


  • June 12: Record-high maximum of 95 beats 94 from 1994.
  • June 18: Record-high minimum of 73 beats 71 from 2014.


  • June 12: Record-high maximum of 97 ties 1956.
  • June 28: Record-low minimum of 51 beats 53 from 1970.

The June weather pattern

The nation’s hottest weather in June focused in the Southwest due to the presence of a large heat dome or high-altitude, high-pressure system. Even so, parts of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic also ended up slightly hotter than the 30-year average. Meanwhile, some parts of the South experienced a slightly cooler-than-normal June.

Washington’s temperatures and precipitation in 2017, so far, in perspective

With 2017 half-finished, how do temperatures and precipitation compare with past years?

Even though the month finished as the third-driest June on record, five other years since 2010 were actually drier through the first six months of the year — as shown in the chart below.

Meanwhile, the warm June helped 2017 remain in the running  for Washington’s warmest on record, only slightly trailing 2012 — which holds the top position (see below).

June forecast review

How’d we do?

The temperature forecast

We forecast it would be 0.5 degrees warmer than normal. Given that it was actually 2.1 degrees warmer than normal, the direction was accurate, but not the intensity.

The rain forecast

We called for a wetter than normal month, which was quite wrong.  The signs in late May of a wetter pattern failed to come to fruition.

Summary review

June was hotter and drier than expected; so we were one for two in our prediction.

Forecast grade: C

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