Mid-summer bloom. (Miki J. via Flickr)

Anytime we can get a north wind in July, the results will be favorable to the masses. No complaints about the weather conditions this weekend. But the complaint department will certainly receive its fair share of volume over the rest of the week, with hot and humid conditions back on the docket.

Through tonight: We start to feel the humidity levels rising again overnight, as winds shift from the south and usher in more moisture. Low temperatures will range from 68 to 74 degrees with dew points approaching 70 by Monday morning and winds from the south/southeast at 5 mph. Some low clouds/patchy fog is possible toward daybreak.

View the current weather conditions at The Washington Post.

Tomorrow (Monday): It will be humid, but not overly hot. Expecting partly sunny skies with dew points in the low 70s combined with afternoon temperatures ranging from 87 to 90 degrees, so not completely unbearable. The chance (40 percent) for pop-up thunderstorms increases through the afternoon, especially south and west of the city.  Mostly cloudy and humid tomorrow night with spotty showers. Overnight lows in the mid-70s.

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Aurora borealis: The Northern Lights will be on display tonight across the Northern Hemisphere as energy associated with a coronal mass ejection reaches the upper depths of our atmosphere. It’s unlikely that we will be able to see much in the Mid-Atlantic, but if you happen to be vacationing in northern New England (like I am), the odds of a late-night light show improve greatly. You can track the progress of the aurora in 30-minute intervals on the NOAA space weather site. And if nothing else, this gives me a chance to link one of my favorite “Simpsons” scenes of all time.

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