After a one-day break of no 90s — it hit 89 Sunday — those extra-toasty temperatures are back! It looks like we should be getting another streak of 90-degree days going this week as well, and temperatures are headed up tomorrow. Try to enjoy any cooling rains you might get first?

Through Tonight: Isolated to scattered showers and storms persist into the evening. Any storm could be strong to locally severe with an isolated wind damage risk. Because they are so slow-moving, flooding may occur where they sit. The storms should be generally waning by and after mid-evening or so, perhaps almost totally out of here by sunset. Rain odds become quite low overnight under partly cloudy skies. Lows range from the upper 60s to mid-70s, coolest suburbs to urban center. Winds are light from the south.

View the current weather conditions at The Washington Post.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Skies are partly to mostly clear through the day. Humidity remains uncomfortable to gross as well. Not enough July for you? Highs ranging from near 90 to the low 90s most spots — which could be mid-90s downtown — should make you really feel the season. I think we stay rain-free.

A bee coming in for landing. (Joe Flood via Flickr )

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Pollen update: Grass pollen is moderate/high. Mold spores are low/moderate. Weed and tree pollen is low.

Say what? Last week, I shared a link to an article discussing various weather terms and where they came from. Today, BBC has a piece about Britain’s weirdest weather words. I can’t say I’ve heard of most of these before, but I still found it quite fascinating. I may have giggled once or twice as well — a fine sense of humor mixed with a rainy climate gives you some fun stuff.

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