Amid severe springtime thunderstorms, incredible scenes take shape in this new time-lapse video from one of our favorite contributors.

Mike Olbinski is a world-class storm chaser and photographer whom we have featured on the Capital Weather Gang blog numerous times. Each year he publishes a compilation of the season’s thunderstorms and severe weather.

The central U.S. is a breeding ground for torrential rainfall, frequent lightning and windy thunderstorms in the spring, which Olbinski has been photographing for nearly a decade. This year he snapped photos in 10 states and put another 28,000 miles on his Toyota 4Runner. The reward was over 90,000 time-lapse frames.

“This past spring was a tough one,” Olbinski wrote about his storm chasing in 2017. Which is why he named the annual video compilation “Pursuit.”

Usually the professional photographer can find plenty of severe weather and supercells in the spring. But this year, “the tornado in the opening of this film was the only good one I saw this entire year,” he wrote.

“I had been on the road longer than ever before,” Olbinski recalled. “Driven more miles. I was away from my family for 12 straight days at one point, and when I got home, I had to tell them I was going back out 24 hours later.”

For what it’s worth, we’re glad he devotes the time.