* Flash flood watch this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon *

10:34 a.m. update: A flash flood warning has been issued in the Beltway west of the District. Heavy downpours have been hovering over this region (as well as southern Montgomery County) which is leading to flooding on roads and in small creeks.

This is the first of many flash flood warnings that will come in the next 36 hours. Do not drive into flood water.

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

3/10: Before steadier, heavier afternoon rain, morning hours may be salvageable with showers-only. Drive very carefully, later.

This is how a flash flood occurs and what you need to do to stay safe. (Claritza Jimenez/The Washington Post)


Today: Rain more likely with time. Highs: Upper 70s to low 80s.
Tonight: Periodic rain, heavy at times. Lows: Mid-60s.
Tomorrow: Wet more often than not. Breezy, clammy. Highs: Mid-60s to near 70.
Sunday: Clouds and showers decrease. Highs: 70s.

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A long-lingering rain event looks probable this weekend, with 2-4 inches forecast rain possible throughout the course of the event. The heaviest of the rain could fall between late this afternoon and tomorrow morning. Rain will probably not be nonstop the whole time, but anyone with outdoor plans this afternoon through tomorrow evening, consider finalizing a “Plan B” soon.

Today (Friday): Clouds thicken and lower this morning, followed by rain chances increasing into early afternoon. There may be a shower around earlier, but that’s when any showers could turn into a steadier rain. Watch out PM Rush! Allow extra time, as rain could have some heavy pockets, even a rumble of thunder is possible. It’s still decently warm with midday high temperatures around 80 to perhaps some mid-80s south of town. Muggy too. Southeast breezes remain light, but strong gusts are likely in storms. Localized flooding is possible, especially as it keeps on raining, so please remember “turn around, don’t drown.” Confidence: Medium

Tonight: Rain and storms are still likely, but rainfall intensity and coverage could diminish overnight, as it appears now (not certain). Regardless, after earlier heavy rains, the flood risk continues. Please never walk, ride, or drive across any flooded sidewalk or roadway. It’s especially dangerous at night, when current and depth may be less apparent. Predawn low temperatures head to a range of about 63-68. Confidence: Low-Medium

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Steadier rain returns at times, but I don’t want to over-promise or over-commit to either a timeline or exact level of rain intensity. Best to have another option if planning outdoor activities. A few rumbles of thunder could pop again toward late afternoon. Skies look overcast. Icing on the cake is a stiff northerly breeze around 15 mph at times, which could hinder the usefulness of an umbrella occasionally. Warm poncho, anyone? Temperatures are near 70. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tomorrow night: Showers — some of which could have a rumble of thunder or a quick downpour — could slowly end before sunrise. This is where a reminder on timeline being low confidence is an important reminder. Stay tuned for forecast adjustments. Low temperatures may only dip a few more degrees in the region overnight, with low to mid-60s the dominant regime. Some upper 50s are possible well north of town. Northerly breezes may still be around 10-15 mph, so do prepare for continued clammy, cool conditions. Confidence: Low-Medium


Sunday: We could have some lingering morning rains to deal with. Clouds should decrease throughout the day, allowing temperatures to rebound under some sunshine into the 70s. Probably mid-to-upper 70s most spots. Enjoy a lower humidity day, as we start drying out! Fingers crossed. Confidence: Medium

Sunday night: An isolated shower may move through, but it’s a low chance. Clouds have a higher chance of obscuring the moon and stars, especially early on. Upper 50s to mid-60s appear to be our most likely temperature range. Not bad, let’s take it! Perhaps a windows-open night? Confidence: Medium

A sunnier, warming trend gets underway Monday into Tuesday. Around 80 to mid-80s appears possible on Monday, with mid-to-upper 80s possible on Tuesday — with a hint of mugginess returning as well. Both days’ shower and storm chances appear low, but something could pop briefly on Monday, along with some midday clouds moving through. We’ll tweak the forecast, as needed, once we get a bit closer! Confidence: Medium