Sequence of partial eclipse images over Washington, D.C., on Monday. (ep_jhu via Flickr)

While we just missed a total eclipse Monday, the consensus among Washingtonians polled was that the 81 percent partial eclipse was “very cool.”

“In Woodley Park, with my eclipse glasses, it was amazing,” Capital Weather Gang reader Barbara Stein said. “When I was at National Zoo an eclipsed glassed little boy, apparently visiting from Italy, cried ‘bellisomo’ and I agree.”

“I loved every minute of it!” reader KJ Jacks exclaimed.

During and after the eclipse, we received scores of beautiful images documenting the event. Here we feature our favorite 20 and thank all of you who shared images.

Multiple exposures showing the eclipse progression

Multiple exposure of the eclipse viewed from the Air Force Memorial in Washington. (Mark Andre via Flickr)

A sequence of the eclipse from the rooftop at 9th and K streets NW, Washington. Left to right starting at 1:20 p.m. in 5-minute increments until 3:15 p.m. when the clouds rolled in. Equipment: Nikon D600 and Tamron 150-600mm lens at 600mm. (Franklin Khamvongsa via Facebook)


Solar eclipse, Monday. (Todd Michael Day via Facebook)

Eclipse projection through a colander in Rock Hall, Md., Monday. (Mary Lou Troy via Facebook)

Eclipse shadows from tree leaves in Arlington, Va. during partial solar eclipse, Aug. 21, 2017 at 2:35 p.m. (Dennis Dimick via Flickr)

Still crescents in the sky

Partial solar eclipse seen from near Dulles Airport, Monday. (Brandon Ginsburg via Facebook)

Partial solar eclipse as seen from Annapolis, Md., Monday. (Jarrett Hendrix via Flickr)

Partial solar eclipse seen near the Court House in Arlington. The eclipse is seen through viewing glasses. The glasses are the black band through the image with the blue sky coming through the sides. (Curtis Holland)

Partial solar eclipse from Lanham, Md. (T. Carter Ross via Facebook)


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