On foot, in boats and in helicopters, The Washington Post’s video team documented one of the worst disasters in modern U.S. history.

As Hurricane Harvey rammed into Texas and stayed mired in place for days, dropping record amounts of rain, the video team dispatched eight reporters and two freelance journalists across Houston, Beaumont, Lumberton and Southwest Louisiana.

They spent time with residents who saw their homes and livelihoods destroyed. They joined volunteer rescuers that rushed in to help from across the region. Our journalists were there as people worked around the clock to help one another escape and try to salvage what they could.

From watching firefighters cope with the unimaginable — trying to put out a fire that was surrounded by a flood — to riding along on boat rescues as people were pulled from their flooded homes, our reporters witnessed the scope of the tragedy that Harvey left behind.

This piece (above) brings together in one place scenes of escape, loss and rebuilding.