A nearly full moon this month. (Ganesh Kumar via Flickr )

Today was undoubtedly a 10, at least if you got to spend some time outdoors. It seems likely we’ll pull a “three-peat” (since yesterday was also a 10) and do it again tomorrow. Maybe even Sunday, as well!

Through Tonight: It’s a great evening overall, perhaps turning slightly cool with sunset as temperatures dip into the 60s. Overnight, calm conditions continue, as do mostly clear skies. Lows end up in a range of about 53 to 59 degrees in most spots.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): More of the same, which in this case mean more awesome. Skies are sunny. Winds are light. Humidity is gone. Add in temperatures mainly reaching the low 70s … see ya out there!

Sunday: Coming off lows in the 50s (it could be the upper 40s in some spots north and west!), we see another delightful day Sunday. Highs should reach a degree or two higher than Saturday, or low to mid-70s.

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Pollen update: Weed pollen is moderate/high. Other pollens are low/moderate.

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