Looking out to the Anacostia River from Yards Park. (Tim Brown via Flickr)

Despite the clouds, today was rather agreeable. High temperatures in the mid- and upper 70s are a touch cooler than normal, which is still near or a little above 80. Sunshine has broken through this afternoon as moisture from Irma continues to be rather anemic in this area. There’s a chance for some raindrops tonight in particular; just don’t plan on it amounting to much.

Through tonight: Variably cloudy skies persist. Another band or two of showers related to Irma might work this way during the evening and overnight. So far, everything is drying out on approach, and I wouldn’t expect too much rain to fall. There is some chance a band might set up and douse a few towns, though. Lows dip to numbers across the 60s — lower 60s in the cool spots north and west, upper 60s in the city.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): A couple showers could linger into the morning, but most of the day should be dry. It’s not too different than today. Perhaps more in the way of sun overall, although more afternoon or evening showers can’t be totally ruled out. It’s a bit warmer too, with highs ranging from about 79 to 84.

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Monday night lights: The Bay Area of California is not known for its thunderstorms. They are infrequent and tend to happen in winter or spring, when big low-pressure systems roar off the Pacific Ocean and into the West Coast. San Francisco and surrounds were treated to a rare September lightning show last night. It was spectacular.

This is all part of a little upper-level pocket of cold air that has been stuck near the California coast.

It has produced a ton of lightning, and more is possible before it moves out.

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