It’s that time of year. In the Wasatch, Rockies, northern Appalachians, northern Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, beautiful fall color is exploding.

In the above video, we see beautiful drone footage from Garden City, Utah, on the northeast side of the Wasatch Range, where peak fall color was on full display last week. Every shade of foliage is visible – vibrant yellow as well as fiery orange and red.

By the middle of the month, per the interactive map from,  prime color will spread southward and into lower elevations – arriving in the southern Appalachians, the southern part of Great Lakes region, and lower elevations of New England.

Across the Northern Tier, trees are lighting up with yellow, orange and red. As the days grow shorter, the biological process that makes leaves green slows down, allowing the more colorful pigments to show. It will only be a few weeks until we see this kind of color in the Mid-Atlantic.