It happens every year — sometimes in the spring, sometimes in the fall — but that doesn’t make it less exciting.

Baseball and snow aren’t meant to go together, but pre-season games and playoff schedules have been pushed to the seasonal limits, which means there’s now a chance for winter weather on either end. It would have been an interesting playoff setting for the Colorado Rockies, had they won their wildcard game.

While Colorado is getting smacked by their second snow storm of the season, people are roasting in record-hot and unbearably humid weather in the East.

“No matter the time of day, it felt like a sauna walking outside in the Washington area Sunday,” my colleague Jason wrote of Washington, D.C., earlier this morning. The low temperature on Sunday was 75 degrees, which is common for the height of summer, less so for October. It set a new record for warmest overnight low temperature in D.C.

To pile on to the sultry weather, dew points were in the mid-70s, which created a thick, swampy air.

But alas, out West it’s a totally different season. Fall is remarkable that way.