Temperatures didn’t move much on Wednesday, and neither did rain gauges. It’s pretty much what we woke up to out there as we head home this evening. Clouds did dominate, and some rain fell. The best news after recent days was that temperatures weren’t in the 80s. We’re still waiting for humidity to come down to a level it should be at.

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Through Tonight: Rain has mostly missed us today, but a passing shower is possible through the evening, and any rain could be briefly heavy. With time we’ll see more true ocean influence on this air mass. While that won’t mean “dry,” it will mean cooler and drier air when compared to what we’ve seen lately. Late night into dawn, the main risk is some drizzle and fog. Temperatures settle from near 60 to the mid-60s.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): We didn’t see much change through Wednesday. That might be the case again Thursday, but about 5-10 degrees cooler. Oceanic air is strongly entrenched at this point. So, more drizzle is possible, and temperatures will struggle to move. Highs in the same general range as lows seems likely, but perhaps readings will nudge upward a few degrees. Mostly near 60 to mid-60s. Winds are light from the northeast.

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