Go Nats! (Kevin Wolf via Flickr)

It was one of those days when the temperature doesn’t really move much. In fact, in many places, readings dropped slightly during the day. This is thanks to thick cloud cover, oceanic air and all that accompanies them. There has been some drizzle mixed in, as well, and that’s the story through tonight and into tomorrow.

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Through Tonight: We’ll run the risk of some showers and drizzle this evening. There could be an increase in both for a time, before we trend back toward patchier drizzle and some fog late night. Whatever falls should be light. Dew points continue to drop a bit, so most spots should get into the 50s tonight.

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Tomorrow (Friday): We’ll begin the slow process of moderating this air mass. I doubt it’s enough for us to see much change at the ground, though. Drizzle and fog may persist into the morning but should taper more than they did today with time. Highs head for the mid-60s or so.

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Pollen update: Mold spores are high. Other allergens are low.

Advancing the forecast: The BBC has a great look at how weather forecasting has been revolutionized over the past three decades. It’s tuned toward Europe, but the points are the same around the globe.

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