Great Falls amid cloud cover and light rain on Sunday. (Kevin Ambrose)

Just hours before the coastal storm bombed out and lashed our area with strong winds and heavy rain, I made a photo trip to Great Falls Park to shoot the fall colors before any leaves were blown off the trees and before the Potomac River turned brown with mud and debris, which often follows heavy storms.

Clouds, light rain and a calm wind set a tranquil mood for viewing and photographing Great Falls and walking the Potawmack Canal Trail late Sunday morning. During my trip, a great blue heron posed for photos, dog walkers stopped to talk, and a couple of fishermen took a break from fishing to observe the falls. It was a typical day at Great Falls Park.

I believe the dry weather over the past two months has muted the fall colors this year, but overall the foliage at Great Falls shows fair color.  The scenes are calendar-worthy, I believe.

I’ll return in a day or two to check out the foliage and the Potomac River after the storm. The river should look a lot different, but I’m not sure how the foliage fared. We’ll see . . .

A great blue heron in the Patowmack Canal on Sunday. (Kevin Ambrose)

A red oak displays fall color at Great Falls. (Kevin Ambrose)

A blue heron wades in the Patowmack Canal. (Kevin Ambrose)

Fall color at Great Falls. (Kevin Ambrose)

A wide view of Great Falls. (Kevin Ambrose)

It looks as though these two are fishing, but they’re not — just enjoying the view. (Kevin Ambrose)

Dog walkers meet at Great Falls Park. (Kevin Ambrose)

Rain drops rest on oak leaves. (Kevin Ambrose)

A nine-second video showing light rain falling on a blue heron in Great Falls Park. (Kevin Ambrose)