Peak color in Rock Creek Park on Nov. 9. (David M. Amini)

Today’s high temperatures will go down as mid-40s to near 50 across the area, and while that’s at least 10 degrees below normal, it only tells part of the story. The reality is those numbers happened before sunrise, and daytime readings fell into the near 40 to mid-40s zone most spots. Afternoon readings of that type are more in line with what we might expect on an average day in the heart of winter. Instead, we’ve still got about two weeks to go until Thanksgiving.

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Through Tonight: We keep the “January in November” weather alive. Winds decrease a bit from their extra gusty nature of today, but they probably won’t disappear completely. Dew points in the teens may make it to the single digits before reversing course. That’s very dry and helps us cool off nicely after sunset, even without calm winds. Temperatures seem destined for the teens in the coldest suburbs north and west and the 20s nearer the Capital Beltway or inside the cities. Weakening winds before dawn could give an added boost to the dips. Even with weakening winds, wind chills spend much of the night in the teens to near 20. And finally, record lows are in play.

Projected wind chills at 10 p.m. today. They get even colder afterward.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): It’s a hard freeze kind of morning. Go ahead and stomp on the ground a bit to feel it’s rather firm! Temperatures are not eager to rise with the sun, and we’re probably looking at another way-below-normal kind of day. Highs may even miss 40 in spots. We’ll call it upper-30s to lower-40s. On the bright side, lots of sun. And wind is much lighter than today, almost nonexistent at times.

Sunday: Coming off another hard freeze most spots, with lows ranging from near 20 to near freezing, we get a little bit of warming into the area for Sunday. Of course, warming in this case is still below normal. Skies are sunniest early, with clouds increasing over time. Highs are near or just above 50. A chance of showers may arrive after dark.

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