Fall on the Mall. (Angela Pan via Flickr)

It was another cool day, but compared with recent ones, highs near and above 50 felt comparatively pleasant. Overall, there is not a whole lot going on in this region when it comes to weather — a story that persists tonight into tomorrow.

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Through Tonight: We should remain quite clear into and through the evening. It’s hard to rule out some occasional cloudiness, though. Lows are mainly in the mid-30s to near 40. Winds are light.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): This one doesn’t look too different from today. Occasional clouds blot out the sun a bit, but sunshine should be plentiful overall. We’ve still got a bit of “cold air damming” going on, with high pressure centered over New England and the mountains keeping cold air wedged in our area. So it’s not exactly warm, with highs mostly in the near-50 to mid-50s.

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