The supermoon rises over the National Christmas Tree on the ellipse, Dec. 3, 2017. (Kevin Ambrose)

The only supermoon of 2017 occurred over the weekend, just a few days after the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. Between the moon and the holiday lights, the District was shining bright on Sunday night.

While I waited for the moon to rise, I photographed a few of the blooming cherry trees near the Washington Monument. The cherry trees on the Mall with blossoms are of the autumn-blooming variety called Higan cherry. The Higan cherry trees have a big bloom in the spring, but they also produce blossoms off and on during periods of warm weather in the autumn and winter.

I also took a quick walk to the Tidal Basin and photographed the moonrise with the Washington Monument. Capturing the moon and its reflection on the water is always a favorite photo target of mine.

The supermoon rises over the Lincoln Memorial, Sunday. (Kevin Wolf)

After shooting the moonrise over the Tidal Basin, I rushed back to the Ellipse and photographed the supermoon over the National Christmas Tree. Aligning the photo was challenging because most areas on the Ellipse are blocked off by fences, and there are only narrow walkways around the tree, but I found a spot and got a shot.

The weather was particularly mild Sunday afternoon and evening, which made for a very pleasant photo shoot, especially for December. But the weather is about to turn much colder, and my hope is to return to the National Christmas Tree soon to photograph it in the snow.

Will it snow in the next week or two? It’s possible, but it is not a guarantee. Snow is hardly ever a guarantee in D.C. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Moon rise over the Tidal Basin, Sunday. (Kevin Ambrose)

A close-up of the National Christmas Tree. The bright dot to the left of the tree is the supermoon. The moon appears small when objects in the foreground are near. (Kevin Ambrose)

A wide view of the supermoon with the Memorial Bridge and Lincoln Memorial, Sunday. (Kevin Wolf)

A wide view of the supermoon over the Tidal Basin. (Kevin Ambrose)

A few of the cherry trees are blooming on the Mall, on Sunday. (Kevin Ambrose)

A few of the cherry trees are blooming on the Mall, on Sunday. (Kevin Ambrose)