Pigeons in flight. (Roland Johnson via Flickr)

Clouds related to a cold front now to our south swept back over the region this afternoon, helping keep us rather chilly through the day. It’s a reminder that we’re in December, as steel-gray skies coupled with temperatures in the 40s and an occasionally gusty breeze this afternoon. It’s just the start of a long barrage of winter that’s on the way. ‘Tis the season.

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Through tonight: I wouldn’t be too optimistic about getting rid of these clouds anytime soon. The good news is someone should end up with quite a sunset in the broader region. We may see some more clearing overnight, but this frontal zone isn’t expected to move much, and more high-level moisture will keep riding along it. Lows end up in the near-30 to mid-30s zone.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): The frontal zone should sink a bit farther south and east during the day, which means we see at least partial sunshine. I’m not too confident one way or another on sky cover, though. Highs are in the mid-40s to near 50. Winds are out of the northwest about 10 mph.

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The darkest evening(s): If you’re like me and you’re yearning for more evening light, yearn no more (almost). Tonight and tomorrow are the earliest sunsets of the season in Washington, per timeanddate.com. By Christmas, we’ll have gained six minutes of evening light compared withtoday. That’s 12 minutes by New Year’s Day, and 43 minutes by the end of next month. Of course, it is also true that days will keep getting shorter until the winter solstice.

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