The National Christmas tree at night. (George Jiang via Flickr)

We eked out a pretty decent day today, considering we’re hanging out with the lowest sun angle of the year. The sun, however, was prevalent through the day, shining brightly despite all that was stacked against it. Tonight’s sunset comes about where it did yesterday, or the earliest it gets around here. We begin turning that around tomorrow, but winter is just getting started.

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Through tonight: Although we broke free of the clouds today, they’ll begin returning tonight. There’s also a reinforcing shot of colder air passing by — not really a front, but an injection of fresher air. Clouds are likely to be quite numerous by morning, as lows reach 26 to 34 degrees. Winds are out of the northwest around 5 to 10 mph.

View the current conditions at The Washington Post.

Tomorrow (Friday): Clouds continue to increase, lower and thicken during the day. With all the gray sky around, temperatures don’t warm up much. Highs are mainly around 40 in the coldest spots to the mid-40s in the warmer locations. We should remain dry through the day, but a few snowflakes may drift into southern Maryland by sunset. Odds for snow increase overnight and perhaps into Saturday. Jason and Wes had more on that earlier.

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Winter terms: With snow and rumors of snow returning, it’s a good time to brush up on your terminology. Since the article at link is from Georgia, the exact definitions for warning products may differ, but most of it is the same regardless of where you live. Which important ones did they miss?

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