A sunset view of the Tidal Basin and Washington Monument after the storm. (Kevin Ambrose)

The wind howled, and the sky cleared, as the raging “bomb cyclone” departed Thursday. Washington, D.C., missed the heaviest snow. But as the storm moved away, the sky began to glow with beautiful and warm colors at sunset. Looks can be deceiving, however. There was nothing warm about the air Thursday.

This was the coldest and most blustery sunset shoot that I have ever had the pleasure, or pain, to shoot. The wind was so strong, it picked up sand and salt off Ohio Drive and blasted it into my face and eyes. I should have worn my sunglasses for protection.

Despite the cold and wicked wind chill, the scene was gorgeous in the District. Here are a few photos of the sunset, and moments leading up to the sunset.

A sunset view of the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial after the storm. (Kevin Ambrose)

Rosslyn and the frozen Potomac River at sunset. (Kevin Ambrose)

The sky clears before sunset at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial as the wind picks up leaves. (Dennis Govoni)

The sun sets behind the Air Force Memorial with the ice-covered Potomac River in the foreground. (Kevin Ambrose)

The sun’s setting light illuminates the Jefferson Memorial and a cherry tree. (Kevin Ambrose)

The light from the setting sun illuminates the Washington Monument, which is visible in the reflection on the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. (Kevin Ambrose)

The frozen Potomac River before sunset. (Dennis Govoni)