After an icy wintry mix Monday afternoon, the temperature will drop below freezing across the Washington region Monday night. This will lead to new icy patches by Tuesday morning. Although high temperatures will reach the 40s in the afternoon, the early morning commute may be slippery, particularly on the untreated side roads and sidewalks.


In general, north and west areas are most likely to see a delay. Areas around and south of the District are more likely to open on time. That being said, we’re seeing schools decide to play it better safe than sorry, so it’s not out of the question that Washington  and other Beltway school districts decide to start a bit later tomorrow.


Icy side roads during the morning commute may motivate OPM to issue an unscheduled leave policy to reduce traffic congestion. We would also not be surprised if it allows late arrivals, but that’s far from a given. But fear not, we’re pretty sure the federal government will be open for business Tuesday.