We’ve had quite a taste of spring today, if a brief one, as temperatures soared toward and past 70 in places removed from the icy waters of the Potomac or the Chesapeake Bay. At Dulles, 70 was enough to tie a record for the date that was set just last year. It all came with some high humidity values as well. If you think this is too much and too soon, we are on borrowed time when it comes to our break from winter. An Arctic front is already cutting into parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and it’s charging our way. Big changes begin tonight.

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Through Tonight: We stay quite mild this evening. The main downside is waves of heavy showers and potentially a few rumbles. It won’t rain all the time, but when it does, you probably won’t want to be out in it long. Definitely grab the umbrella if headed out. The Arctic front should be pushing past the Blue Ridge around midnight, and it will rush across the area in the predawn hours. Quick temperature drops of 10 to 20 degrees are possible, as is an onset of strong northwest wind. Overnight lows are probably in the 40s, after highs near midnight. But we may see some rapid temperature declines somewhere near sunrise, ultimately sending temperatures into the 30s during the day.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): We could see a couple of flakes in the air as cold air enters the region and moisture departs. It’s conversational if so. The general theme is windy and clearing, plus much colder. Highs are in the 40s or even 50s early morning (after midnight highs above 60), but temperatures will fall into and through the 30s for much of the day. Winds whip out of the northwest around 15 to 25 mph, with higher gusts.

Advection fog on the Potomac this morning. (Jenn Vogel via Flickr)

Sunday: We’re back in the icebox. Coming off lows ranging from around 10 to near 20, high temperatures are in the upper 20s to near freezing. Winds weaken a bit compared with their peak, but they’re still feisty and uncomfortable from the northwest. Sunshine is plentiful, at least!

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday): It’s another bone-chilling start, around 10 in the suburbs to nearer 20 in the warmest spots downtown. With considerably lighter winds than earlier in the weekend, highs in the near 30 to mid-30s zone don’t feel too bad. Skies are mostly to partly clear.

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