Fog surrounds the Washington Monument on Friday morning. Carol Jean Stalun via Flickr

Welcome back winter. We’ve got more on the dramatic 24-hour temperatures swing in the section below. But it should be clear to all that winter has taken back its seat at the head of the table. For now, we just remain cold as the once promising chance of snow next week has fizzled out.

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Through Tonight: Very cold and blustery conditions remain in place overnight. Temperatures will fall through the 20s on Saturday evening, with wind chill values in the single digits. Lows overnight around 10-15 degrees. Northwest winds at 10-15 mph with periodically higher wind gusts will keep wind chill values in the low single digits.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Cold and blustery conditions persist for much of the day. Gusty northwest winds (10-15 mph) should begin to abate by the afternoon, but don’t expect much in the way of temperature relief.  It will be mostly sunny with high temperatures only reaching the mid 20s, with wind chill values remaining in the teens. It will be clear and cold but not nearly as windy Sunday night, with lows in the teens.

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Now That’s What I Call a Cold Front: Perhaps you were woken up by the wind the way I was around 1 a.m. as a truly potent Arctic front came barreling through the D.C. area. As far as frontal boundaries go, this one was a doozy. You need look no further than the daily climate numbers from Dulles Airport for evidence of just how sharp the change in air mass was. Dulles tied a record daily high of 70 degrees (previous record came in 2017) Friday and was still sitting at a toasty 61 degrees at 12:30 a.m.  Then the front came through.

5-minute observations from Dulles early on Saturday morning. The temperature fell 11 degrees in just 30 minutes, and kept falling from there.

We all woke up to a different season this morning. And we shouldn’t expect any 70 degree temperature readings anytime soon either.

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