On the list of losers this winter, Washington, D.C., is very high. Baton Rouge, Charleston, S.C., and Jackson, Miss., all have more snow on the books this year than Washington. Even Paris has now received more snow this winter than the U.S. capital.

But hey, good news — we’re not No. 1 on this pitiful list. That honor goes to Flagstaff, Ariz., where just 11.3 inches of snow has fallen as of Feb. 6. That’s 20 percent of what that city usually gets by this time of year.

Here in Washington (Reagan National Airport, to be exact) we’re holding steady at 3.1 inches. That total is the result of five separate, equally paltry snow days that started Dec. 9. Remember how we thought that with such an early start, this winter could be a big one? How silly.

Other losers topping the list: Indianapolis, Salt Lake City and Madison, Wis. Welcome to the club, compadres.

On the other end of the spectrum, Erie, Pa., is the big snow winner so far this year. After an epic, multiday lake effect snowstorm in December, the city now has more than 143 inches for the season — about 220 percent of its average for mid-February.

Thanks to the Weather Channel’s AMHQ, which compiled this list in a Facebook video earlier this week.