* Flood watch in effect this evening until tomorrow evening *

9:55 a.m. update: We’ve remained largely dry through the morning, but that’s changing. Some showers have broken out over western part of the area and a big area of rain is headed our way as well. Once that area of heavier rain arrives it should stick around at least several hours. We could see a bit of a break behind it later this afternoon into evening, but it won’t last as more rain moves this way through tonight and tomorrow.

From 5:00 a.m….

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

3/10: We do need rain. That’s about the only great thing about this one. Morning could offer brief time for some outdoor things.


Today: Becoming rainy. Highs: Near 50, perhaps above.
Tonight: Periods of rain, some heavy. Lows: Mid-40s to near 50.
Tomorrow: Periods of rain. Highs: Near 60.

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After facing a long-term dry spell, we now find ourselves on the storm-system highway, with yet another rainy event about to bear down. This one looks like it’s going to outdo anything we’ve seen from recent storms as well. Although it won’t rain the whole weekend, it’ll be wet for most of it, and some spots could see a whole winter month’s worth of rain over two or three days. It could stay unsettled into next week, too.

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Today (Saturday): Rain should be close by to the south of us pretty early in the morning, and it’ll be headed this way. At first, the process might be a little slow. I would at least expect rain reports to increase significantly during the late morning into early afternoon period. The deeper we get into the day, the more likely it is to be rainy. There could be a break or two, like during the evening, but overall, it’s wet late in the day. Highs should head for 50, and maybe even higher. Winds are out of the south around 5 mph. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: There could be something of a break in the early evening, but more rain sweeps by into the night. There’s a decent chance that periods of heavy rain come through the region during this time. With a surge of moist air from the south moving in, temperatures don’t drop much. A few degree fluctuation between high temperatures and overnight stuff seems likely. Mainly mid-40s to around 50. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Sunday): More rain is on the way as a frontal zone only very slowly shifts through the larger region. I doubt it’s raining all day, but given how much rain is likely to have fallen, there won’t be much in the way of dry either. There’s some question as to highs. I’d still mainly aim for 60 for now, as there’s some chance it could be cooler, and some it could be warmer. By later Sunday, large areas of one to two or more inches is a good bet. Good news for the drought. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Rain remains likely into Sunday night. Details are increasingly hard by this range, but there is a chance some could be heavier for a while again. We should also see winds begin to shift to the northwest, which sends somewhat cooler and drier air toward us. Lows end up in the 40s to near 50. Confidence: Medium

Rock Creek Park (ep_jhu via Flickr)


The cold front continues to sink very slowly south and southeast through Monday. Given its pace, it seems likely that rain showers could plague the area once again. It’s a cooler rain if so, although highs in the 50s are still above normal. We should see rain taper off late day or into evening. Confidence: Medium

There’s not much in the way of great weather for Tuesday, or beyond, as we continue to stay in the fire-hose of clouds and precipitation. This one may be mainly dry, but I think clouds are tough to kick, although we could see some sunnier breaks especially early. And we could see some showers as well, later in the day. It is cooler, with highs in the mid-and-upper 40s. Confidence: Medium