These geese look like our hopes for snow — flying away. (Carol Jean Stalun)

It’s going to be 70 degrees on Thursday (at least). The past two weekends have brought torrential rain. In the time of year that D.C. should be at its coldest and snowiest, things are starting to look and feel more like spring.

We’re poring over the long-range model forecasts as I type, so don’t worry — we’ll have an outlook ready by the end of the week. But, looking at how warm it’s going to be Thursday (plus the crazy warmth expected next week), our hopes of a late-winter storm are vanishing.

One of our mottos at the Capital Weather Gang is that consensus forecasts are always better than individual, so tell us: do you think winter is over, or do you see another chance of snow in your stormy crystal ball?

Venture a guess...

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