D.C. blue hour. (Jim Havard via Flickr)

Today’s high temperature of 76 degrees at Dulles International Airport was enough to demolish the record of 68 set in 1982. Both Reagan National Airport and Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport were way above normal, as well, but still some distance from their record highs of 77. If you were stuck inside all day, there’s still some time to enjoy this taste of spring before showers try to increase in coverage tonight. Most of the rain may end up holding off until tomorrow.

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Through Tonight: A couple of showers moved by this afternoon, but the main body of rain should not arrive until late night or even tomorrow morning. This air mass is springlike in more than just warmth, as there has been noticeable humidity, as well. That surface moisture, in addition to cloud cover, helps keep temperatures from falling too far, with lows mostly in the range of near 50 to mid-50s.

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Tomorrow (Friday): It will rain, at least at times, for much of the day, but totals shouldn’t particularly large, as the mountains help dry up moisture as it crosses from the west. We will see high temperatures near and above 60 early, but in reality it will become chillier as the day progresses, with temperatures dropping and winds picking up. The rain should end by around sunset or in the early evening.

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Temperature anomalies a few thousand feet off the ground per the European model. (Weathermodels.com)

Maylike: Today’s high temperatures at local airports were way up there: 73 at National, 76 at Dulles and 69 at BWI. These readings are 24 to 30 degrees above normal for the date and, in the cases of National and Dulles, more common for early to mid-May. Certainly springlike. We may do it again next week, after the snow chance this weekend.

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