A Cincinnati driver just learned the hard way not to mess with Mother Nature.

Over the past week, the Ohio River Valley has been inundated with torrential rain and subsequent flooding. The Ohio river rose above the 60-foot mark for the first time in two decades, according to reporting by Cincinnati.com. The relentless rain has led to road closures and landslides.

One driver wasn’t deterred by the amount of water on the road. An onlooker captured video as the driver attempted to plow through the flood Sunday. The vehicle became dangerously submerged, but the driver was able to climb out without assistance.

Other drivers weren’t as fortunate. The Cincinnati police said they made numerous high-water rescues between Saturday night and Sunday, according to Cincinnati.com. When people drive their cars into floodwater, it not only puts them in danger, but also it puts first responders in danger.

In addition to the flooding, the National Weather Service confirmed two tornadoes touched down Saturday in Ohio. One, in Felicity, was an EF-1. Meteorologists have not determined the rating for the other, in Hamersville. Both towns are southeast of Cincinnati.

Crews continue to work on clearing fallen trees, power lines and other debris. Though the worst is over, flooding along the Ohio River is expected to continue through the end of the week.

Water level on the Ohio River at Cincinnati. The blue line indicates observed levels. The dotted line indicates the forecast. Major flooding is expected through Wednesday night. (NOAA/USGS)

The National Weather Service also confirmed two separate tornadoes touched down in Ohio early Feb. 25.