A peaceful waterside scene. (Fritz Myer via Flickr )

If you are a snow lover, it was a day to stay away from the Internet and the fact that most of the big cities northeast of here will be shoveling before the ongoing nor’easter is done. At least we got a little last night! And on the bright side, our travels are much simpler than those who are dealing with the snow.

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Through Tonight: We’ll see a mix of clouds and stars through the night. Perhaps clearer than not overall. Winds aren’t too rowdy, but they help make chilly temperatures feel even chillier. Lows mostly dip to the upper 20s and lower 30s.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): The surface low that caused all the thundersnow to our northeast today is long gone, but the upper-level low that helped spawn it is still swinging by. That should mean plenty of clouds, and perhaps a random sprinkle or snowflake. Clouds are most prominent during peak heating during the midday and afternoon. Winds are out of the northwest around 10 mph. Highs reach for the mid-40s or so.

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Staying cool: After our third-warmest February on record, we were off to the races on spring. Then the North Atlantic changed, and our wintry pattern that we remain in set up shop. While there’s no extreme cold to be found, as it’s getting rather late for that, temperatures are largely cool as far as the eye can see.

European weather model forecasts highs and lows for the District over the next 10 days. (Weathermodels.com)

Looking farther out, there isn’t any major sign of a big warm-up. There are some hints of a building ridge of high pressure that might nose into the southern United States, which might promote some building warmth eventually. The blue areas across the northern tier continue to suggest a relatively active pattern, one that should tend cooler more often than not, if these ideas are right.

European ensemble mean for 360 hours from now still tends to show a pattern that would favor cool weather locally. (StormVistaWxModels.com)

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