Control Point Virginia Tower in Southwest Washington. (Rex Block via Flickr)

We’ve been stuck in a wintry pattern of late. While it hasn’t given us much in the way of snow, it has sent us a lot of cold wind. Today was no different, as wind gusts of 30 to 35 mph were frequent and temperatures remained well below normal.

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Through tonight: It’s another cold night. Largely clear, too. Winds should be cut in about half during the evening, then they’ll lose more strength overnight. Low temperatures are mainly in the mid-20s to low 30s. By dawn, winds are about 5 to 8 mph.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): Winds pick back up, and it could actually end up windier than Tuesday. Oh, joy! Right? Sunshine is plentiful, though, as highs rise to the mid-40s. Winds peak about 20 to 30 mph out of the northwest, with gusts near or past 40 mph.

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March is the new winter: Just when we were all hoping winter is finally over, there are more things to keep an eye on. We’ve alluded to the fact that these Greenland Block patterns are tough to dislodge. And you’ve seen the cherry blossom forecasts drift as the chilly weather persists. Now models are highlighting the potential for another winter storm in about a week. For now they’re including us, but if you’ve watched the past few storms you might know how that goes. Nonetheless, it’s a pattern worth watching, even given the late date.

European model forecast for next Tuesday. (

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