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A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

5/10: It’s windy and chilly. We’re getting sick of this weather perhaps but we’ve seen worse (and better). So let’s muddle through.


Today: A bit windy. Flurry or sprinkle possible. Highs: Mid-40s.
Tonight: Winds slowly calm, partly cloudy. Lows: Mid-20s to around 32.
Saturday: Precipitation developing. Brief to zero accumulation. Highs: 40s.
Sunday: Sunny. Highs: Around 50 to mid-50s.

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Yep we’re all cold now and it may stay that way a bit longer. We do also briefly venture toward average high temperatures Sunday and into Monday. Then, well … could we have a winter storm by midweek next week? Stay tuned.

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Today (Friday): Wind. That’s the day’s story. A familiar story. It’s wintry behind our cold front, but thank goodness for some sunshine. High temperatures near 40 to mid-40s are likely. And, yes, with northwesterly winds around 20 mph at times gusting toward 30 mph, bundle up a bit. An isolated sprinkle or flurry can’t be ruled out! Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: It’s a mix of clouds and stars, but at least we should stay dry if you have plans out and about. Northwesterly winds finally begin to die down slowly but surely, too. Low temperatures may range from mid-20s to around freezing downtown. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Any early sunlight quickly turns cloudy. By late morning and through perhaps mid-afternoon, we could see some non-accumulating snow or sleet, probably mixed with and changing to rain. It also seems likely it’s mostly in liquid (rain) form, but some assorted frozen stuff is possible. High temperatures are in the 40s. If clouds and precipitation delay a bit, we could see mid-to-upper 40s but low-to-mid 40s seem a bit more likely at this time. Wear your green for St. Patrick’s Day! Confidence: Medium

Programming note: A possible update on the potential wintry weather midweek next week could be posted later, if deemed necessary today on our front page (

Tomorrow night: Most of the showers should be gone but a couple drops are still possible. Clouds should decrease fairly quickly as the night wears on. Low temperatures are around freezing downtown. Upper 20s are more probable in the usual chillier spots. Confidence: Medium


Sunday: This should be the gem of the weekend, with sunny and warmer conditions. Get outside! Spring is in the air and you’ll likely see more buds budding and flowers blooming. (Watch out, allergy sufferers!) High temperatures should get at least to around 50 north and west of town, with mid-50s possible downtown! Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday night: Should skies remain clear and winds as calm as currently expected, temperatures could easily get chilly. Mid-20s possibly outside the Beltway, with around 32 degrees downtown. Confidence: Medium

Clouds may slowly increase on Monday but winds may be calm, skies could stay sunny and high temperatures are in the comfortable low-to-mid 50s. Isolated showers are possible by sunset. If so, no big deal. Confidence: Low-Medium

There are many question marks but precipitation is possible during Tuesday and it could be a mix of rain and snow. Exact precipitation type is still to be determined as we get closer. High temperatures could struggle to get into the mid-30s to near 40. A lot depends on if this nor’easter storm can develop and where. You know how these can be iffy propositions, this winter in particular, for us in the Mid-Atlantic. Check back for updates as we get closer! Confidence: Low

A daily assessment of the potential for at least one inch of snow in the next week, on a 0-10 scale.

3/10 (↑): DMV and Mid-Atlantic should keep an eye on the Tuesday-Wednesday zone next week.