This is the winter weather event of the season and, suffice to say, we expect widespread school closings Wednesday.

The storm has all the attributes of one that will shut things down:

  • A winter storm warning is in effect for the entire region and the National Weather Service says double digit snow totals are possible in some areas (we agree).
  • Snow and/or sleet will start in the predawn hours and pose the threat of hazardous conditions during the morning commute.
  • The snow will continue most of the day.

In fact, this storm could shut down all public schools in the region, although District public schools have occasionally been known to remain open in challenging conditions.

The more interesting question is what the federal government will decide to do. We suspect it will cave and shut down given the more serious trend in forecasts over the last 24 hours, but that’s a little less certain. Bring home your laptops.