10:35 p.m. update: A band of snow has been working toward the area late this evening. It’s just now edging into northern parts of the closer-in counties. Up in Frederick, reports of a new dusting have come across.

This band is hanging on later than anticipated, but it should not amount to a whole lot even if it moves into the immediate area, which it might. Another coating to a half inch of snow or so seems possible in any areas that get into sustained activity, especially north of town. Temperatures have yet to cool off much, with most of the area near or just above freezing.

From 5:05 p.m…

Today was a hefty dose of winter in spring. When you don’t have much winter in winter … snow lovers rejoice in some last-minute salvation. Those ready for spring can eventually revel in the quick melting that will come along tomorrow. Plus, we could still use the moisture. So it’s a win-win for all. Once we get past tonight.

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Through tonight: Snow of consequence is over, and the lesser intensity plus warmer temperatures of the late day allowed roads to thaw, although many are still messy. We still see some conversational stuff flutter through the air into the evening as this storm pulls away. Some refreeze issues are the main concern tonight, especially given the slushiness. Especially in the predawn hours into sunrise, you may encounter some iciness while you’re out and about. Take it slow. Lows are in the mid-20s to near freezing. Winds pick up as the storm departs, and they are out of the north around 15 to 20 mph, with higher gusts through most of the night.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): We will wake up to partly to mostly clear skies and that gusty north wind. Skies trend clearer with time, and winds head somewhat lighter. Highs settle into the mid-40s to around 50. Still below normal, but it should do a number on our snow. Future flowers will drink it up.

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Late-season snow: It is probably going to take a bit to tabulate all the records from today. Of course, snow is one of the key interests, so we can start there. Here’s the rundown for the airports:

National (DCA): 4.0 inches (record: 5.3 in 1924)
Dulles (IAD): 5.2 inches (old record: 2.3 in 1964)
Baltimore (BWI): 4.6 inches (record: 9.7 in 1964)

As you will notice, we didn’t quite get there in D.C. and Baltimore. That 1964 date is somewhat significant, though. The four inches for the city is the most so late in the year since that year, while 4.8 inches fell on Mar. 30, 1964. It was one of three snow events during the final 10 days of that month, one of which happened on this date. Winter in spring.

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Spring snowstorm blankets Washington

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 21: Paw and foot prints in Washington, DC on March 21, 2018. (Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post)