A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

9/10: It’s a bit warm for this time of year, but I am not complaining.


Today: Mostly sunny. Highs: Near 80 to low 80s.
Tonight: Increasingly cloudy. Lows: 60s, perhaps falling near dawn.
Tomorrow: Cloudy, cooler, rainier. Highs: Falling from near or above 60 early.

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This looks like a classic spring seesaw kind of weekend. Many will be sweating today, even if it’s still mostly pleasant. Tomorrow, I bet some shivers will return. With this change in air mass, we will also see a rain threat. It’s mostly focused in the overnight Sunday period, but it could be quite intense.

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Today (Saturday): If you liked yesterday, you’re going to enjoy today. There is probably a touch more humidity in the air and perhaps some additional clouds. Mostly sunny skies are the rule, though. Highs are near 80 or into the low 80s most spots. Confidence: High

Tonight: It’s a very pleasant evening as skies remain rather clear. With time, clouds increase as a storm approaches from the west and a cold front sinks toward us from the north. It should stay mild through the night, with temperatures probably remaining in the 60s most spots. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): This remains a tricky forecast, especially on the temperature front. And it’s all because of a front — a backdoor cold front moving through the Mid-Atlantic. I certainly can’t yet say when exactly it will pass through, but it does seem likely to help drive some cooler air into the area.

I think the bottom line is our high temperatures are probably sometime shortly after midnight, and we may still be warm upon waking up, but cool air should be filtering in during the morning. Spots south and southwest may still be near 70 or so, if the front passes late. I think most of us are falling through the 50s during the day, and perhaps into the 40s by evening. Rain also becomes increasingly likely, and it becomes heavier at times by evening as well. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: This is a quick hitter, but it could be a big hit. We do still “need” the rain, although we have been headed out of drought. I don’t think we’ll see much in the way of flooding because it is moving fast, but some flash-flooding can’t be totally ruled out, especially if we get up to two inches or so in short order. We will need to watch for a sneaky damaging wind risk as well. I think it may favor areas east of here, if it happens, especially if we stay cool, but maybe keep apprised. Even outside that, some strong gusts are likely, with heavier rain and perhaps some thunder. Temperatures may rise into the 50s to near 60 east of town, but probably stay in the 40s to near 50 locally. Confidence: Medium


Rain and clouds may still be exiting early Monday, but we’re headed clearer and it’ll be breezy. The clearing process may not be that quick because we’ve got a big upper-level low moving by. Temperatures should rise to near or above 60.

Cooler air is in town on a gusty wind for Tuesday. It’s not as chilly as we’ve seen on cool days lately, as highs make the upper 50s to lower 60s. Skies are partly to mostly clear.