Noor Al-Souqi of Richmond walks through the Floral Library on a mostly overcast April 16 in Washington. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

Temperatures have been all over the place lately. We seem to have settled back into cool stuff for now. I guess that’s better than the continual back and forth. The good news is we’re beginning to dry out from that soaking overnight. The bad news is a couple more showers are possible, and it’s not feeling too much like mid-April out there, either.

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Through tonight: Almost all of the rain is done. And that’s good, because we’ve seen enough for now. A few showers may move through until about midnight. After that, we should tend to see additional breaks in the clouds into morning. Overall, it’s a cold one for the time of year, with low temperatures ranging from near freezing to about 40.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): The big upper-level low is moving away, but we’re still under its influence for the day. This means sunnier skies early should fill with more clouds as we warm the surface up. A couple of showers are possible midday into the afternoon, although they should be quite isolated. Highs should generally aim for the near-50 to mid-50s, although it could be a bit warmer if we see full sunshine.

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Back to cool: After our several warm days last week into the weekend, we’re back into cooler-than-normal weather. For now, this seems like it may be the story into the near future. There is some hint of a warm-up beyond day 10, but that’s way off. Plus, “cool” will start to become pleasant in the weeks ahead as averages continue to rise.

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